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Why pay more?

Art materials don’t have to cost a fortune. Shops such as B&M and Home Bargains have ranges of paints, brushes and canvasses that are often very good value. These shops, and continental supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl, often have artist supplies on sale, and they have been open during the pandemic.

The acrylic paint set above is just £5.99 from B&M. It’s perfect for beginners. Cheap brushes are also a great purchase because acrylic is murder to get off the brushes – you might end up throwing them away. So best not to spend too much here.

As with all art nothing is set in stone so you can always graduate to more expensive paints and materials later on. It is all about experimentation and learning where spending a bit more will have a big effect on your work, and when you can easily make do with a cheap and cheerful alternative.

It’s possible to spend vast sums on materials, some of which might sit on the shelf for years. So if you’re just starting out and are likely to have the odd slip-up or mini disaster, why pay more?